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Showcases Display Cases
Designer & Manufacturer for over 35 years

We've been designing showcases and display cases for over 35 years,. Our knowledge and skills gained over the last 35 years will more then help you throughout the design, manufacturing and delivery of your display case or showcase project. Our superior designed luxury showcases and display cases are manufactured in the USA and Canada at our own factories. All display cases and showcases are made with quality material and no shortcuts are made to compromise quality at any time. The attention to detail and quality control is unparallel. Our display cases and showcases are used by many different organizations in the North and South America.

Our extensive knowledge with the use of a wide variety of quality materials, colors and lighting technology, allows us to design display cases and showcases for retailers who require more than just simple mass produced display showcases.

Our design and manufacturing capabilities makes Showcases Displaycases the leader in modern and luxury display cases. If you are looking for display cases, showcases, trade show exhibit booths, kiosks and carts, cash and computer counters or receptions counters, Showcases Displaycases is your answer. We are able to help you with any design you can think off, and you will have 35 years of knowledge to back you up. If you are unsure about your requirements, give us a call and one of our sales reps will assist you through the process.
All our display showcases are shipped to its destination fully insured and crated professionally to withstand most shipping accidents. You do not have to assemble anything. All you need to do is put it in place, plug it in and you’re ready to display!

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